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TWO NEWS IN ONE DAY!!! Swedish arts council + Record!



Fartyg 6 are working with new music during this year and are planning for a album release in 2021. The music will be composed by many of the group members, serving new sounds, grooves and lyrics that will be your company and thoughts at the kitchen table, travels and live rooms. Swedish record label PACAYA records have been our rock and are releasing also Fartyg 6 third album! And we got the news later the same day that they are recieving support from The Swedish Arts Council for the production costs of Fartyg 6 next record! Many thanks to the Swedish culture politics and that are able to give economical support for a variation of arts in our country!! Along with the record, we'll take some new band photos as well with accurate band members in picture. Our latest are quite cool though. See you and take care!

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