A groove that breaks down, a jazzy solo that floats moves into new harmonies, a powerful refrain expload into drones. Everything is falling. A change; an unexpected melody, crystal clear with a new tempo that emerges. Everything is falling. Everything is falling into place.


“Allt faller” (Everything is Falling) is the title of the Swedish band Fartyg 6’s new album. When they released their first EP “Den Första” (The First) it was clear that the group had something completely unique to contribute with to the music scene. Combining influences from genres and expressions with metrical themes, collective impro and beautiful lyrics, they expand the definition of jazz. 

Fartyg 6
Matilda Andersson - vocals

Daniel Gahrton - baryton saxophone

Lisa Grotherus - bass clarinet

Milton Öhrström - piano

Boel Mogensen - upright bass

Maria Dahlin - drums
(Former drummer Julia Schabbauer on pictures.)