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Recap - Single Tvetydig - Out now!

In July, we released our first single from the upcoming album Osmund, which is the song Tvetydig. It is available on Spotify, Bandcamp and the other music streaming sites!

The song is written by Daniel Gahrton and contain Swedish lyrics about wanting both ways. You want to be a apart but you want to be apart! When you dream being close to someone yet being free. Wanting not to disturb but yet doesn't want to leave. Want to listen and still not wanting to understand. Complex and stubborn yet playful and open. Here is out little studio peek and a nibble of the music! Please enjoy and take care!

The amazing video was recorded and cut by Anton Olsson at Anton James Photography! Music by us and music recording, mix and master is made by Gustav Davidsson at Studio Glasfågeln.

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