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After getting contact with a jazzfestival, we found out we had wrong email-address to us on our website! We hope we haven't missed to many of your lovely emails!

If you haven't had an answer from us; please mail us again! We long four the audience, the magazines and every jazz lover on earth. Our mail is updated, send us a message! PS. Our next record by the way, is going to be awesome! We are playing new songs this autumn and last year we joked about making easier music and that it doesn't have to be complicated. But you know what. Sometimes it just has. We create because its fun or expressing what we want. That's who we are. Next time you hear us live or on our record; its going to be hell of a fun. In Sweden we have a word for how the music is: Meckig. Kind of a version of tricky but has a little bit more a association to fixing things. You know, like working with "mechanics" or a "mechanic"? The Swedish word is "mekaniker" and a mekaniker does "meckiga" things. Likewise a mechanic would do mechanic thing. Likewise, Fartyg 6 is a craft. A meckig craft! If you can't wait until the next album. Order our last one at! Yours truly / Fartyg 6



Fartyg 6 are working with new music during this year and are planning for a album release in 2021. The music will be composed by many of the group members, serving new sounds, grooves and lyrics that will be your company and thoughts at the kitchen table, travels and live rooms. Swedish record label PACAYA records have been our rock and are releasing also Fartyg 6 third album! And we got the news later the same day that they are recieving support from The Swedish Arts Council for the production costs of Fartyg 6 next record! Many thanks to the Swedish culture politics and that are able to give economical support for a variation of arts in our country!! Along with the record, we'll take some new band photos as well with accurate band members in picture. Our latest are quite cool though. See you and take care!



Fartyg 6 are happy and thankful to recieve a development scholorship from The Royal Swedish Academy of Music! This means the group will work with exciting musicians and travel to create new music and sounds together. We are very grateful. Thank you so much!

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